Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's a Clinton DNF

Well, the noon Sunday start at the Clinton trail had a precarious beginning. At 11:56am, I approached the turn into the canoe access parking lot and saw a big pick-up truck sliding backwards from the stop sign. It took him 3-4 tries before he could crest the little hill and make it onto the main road. As I patiently waited with my left turn signal on, I decided to change plans...right turn signal on, right turn onto clean road, and park on edge of road. I hiked across the road and saw the completely snow covered canoe access lot. With the bridge out, I likely would have come into the lot and never gotten back out! I started down the trail and turned around in less than a mile--the high and dense snow was too much for me. Worse than Lake Mingo yesterday. Maybe the other side would be better? I danced across the broken (and snow covered) bridge to the other trail entrance. Headed down and turned around after about 100 yards. This wasn't my day. Apparently the herd knew better than me...none showed (Gregg canceled earlier in the morning). After a few pictures I headed across the main road and got back to my car. Time to go home. I'm a little tired of DNFs. I think tomorrow will be a 3 mile run on the treadmill. I should be able to finish that...I think.


denalifc said...

Chris - sorry to hear about your DNFs (been there done that). I did some shorter runs than planned in the Naperville area due to the snow. Only thing that made them easier for me was both trail systems (Herrick and Springbrook) were rolled for XC skiers. I just had to stay out of the classic tracks but it was still a slog. Think of it has a rest (maybe). So how is Lake Mingo marked?
PS my blog is being updated - working on two entries currently in draft format, posting soon :-)

Chris Ⓥ said...

Lake Mingo is well marked (not as well as Clinton, but pretty good). You have yellow wooden arrows on main turns and mile markers every mile. I noticed that it only seemed to be marked in one direction (counter clockwise). The "official" mile mark starting point must be Horseshoe Pond. An example mile mark and arrow is in my previous post from the Mingo Fat Ass. DNFs are no big deal when they are MY decision. I could have run more yesterday at the Fat Ass (maybe not 28, but certainly 21) and today I could have slogged through one loop. No need. Rest is good.

matt said...

hello Chris, I did finish four loops, but I'm feeling pretty beat up today (no back to back long runs this time). I did an easy (real easy) 5 miles on the treadmill. I only did that because my past experience tells me that easy running can help me recover more quickly from a difficult work out, more so than total rest. I'm still experimenting with such things though.
On Saturday I finally got started about 8:15 and ran for about three miles with Mark, a friend of Ellen's (It must have been your foot prints we were running in). Our mile splits were coming in at about 10:30 and after three of them I was sweating profusely and breathing pretty hard. While we ran together I learned that Mark had run a 2:26 marathon and a 1:08 half-marathon and probably would have gotten an olympic trials qualifying time in Chicago this past October had it not been for the heat (he finished in 15th place over all). I apoligized for slowing him down, wished him well, and after about a minute couldn't see him anymore.
During the run, I met Bill, Kevin (a KRR race director), Ray, Tom, and a few whose names didn't stick. I "re-met" Brian, Andrew, and Pat, consumed some good food, had some great beer, and even won a piggy bank. I had a great time.
I've gotta say that this 28 mile run was tougher than last week's. Even on the subsequent loops when the snow was packed down, I couldn't get my mile splits below 10:20ish (in spite of the fact that Brian told me at least twice that it got much easier after the first loop). I took almost 2 hours longer this week, and last week was the longest run (time and distance) that I had ever done.
I actually fell down one of those steep hills (third loop). I think that was a 13 minute mile.
In your previous post you said I would deserve an entry into the Clinton Lake ultra if I ran all four loops at Lake Mingo. Does "deserving" an entry mean I'm "getting" an entry?
Hoping so,


Chris Ⓥ said...

Fantastic job Matt! A spot just opened up in the Clinton Lake race. You still have to pay the registration fee (but I'll waive the late entry fee so you'll just pay the regular $45). I guess this will now be an official rule for the race. The winner of the Riddle Run is guaranteed entry into Clinton Lake! I'm not sure how the KRR Fat Ass fits into the equation--I don't want people to have to join a running club to qualify. I suppose a win at RR is enough. You not only won RR, but you set a new course record! And finished a TOUGH 4 loops at Lake Mingo. Well done. I'd be proud to have you on the starting line at Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run.