Sunday, March 23, 2008

5 Hours of Raking

Jeff and I raked the west side of Clinton Lake today. It took over 5 hours with us both raking at the same time. People should find the trail well-groomed and easy to follow. If you have done recent training runs on the trail, all those darn leaves are raked to the side and you can actually see the dirt trail again. It's quite a change. The roots are still there, but the trail is very noticeable and easy to see. Jeff will get the other side done this week. (RAKING UPDATE: We are leaving the east side natural and unraked. More raking could make it muddier and increase erosion.) There are only a few muddy spots on the whole trail. If we don't get too much rain this week, conditions should be good for race day.

Current weather forecast for the race:
LOW: 38
HIGH: 50
PRECIPITATION: Chance of rain Friday & Saturday morning.
WINDS: Breezy with gusts around 25 mph.


rudy said...

wow,now thats a labor of love. thanks also for clearingup the mud issue, i had been quizically gazing at my icebugs

Ray said...

Thanks for your work! Looking forward to a fun time.

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks...yep, when i was there last week for the 20 miler, i was just following the flattened leaves.

...and when you say dirt, you mean "mud", right? see ya saturday.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Actually "dirt" right now means dirt. Cross those fingers and hope for the best--I think we may be OK as far as mud. Looks like rain on Thursday and Friday, but not too much. Depends on the rain Friday night.