Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mountain Goat 10K Results

I did the Mt Goat 10K today. Results are already posted by KRR. I was sure I didn't win anything. Not the overall winner, not an age group winner, nothing. I wasn't quite sure if I had beaten anyone. Could it be that I was DFL again? Yep. I came in last. I knew there were 2 other people still on the course, but they were part of the 15K race. I ran the 10K in 1:54:38 (18:29 pace). That's good training pace for a 100 miler! Although slower than I ran the Siberian Express earlier in the year--see previous "Don't Trust a Rum Runner" post about that run. The two 15kers left on the course finished in 1:55 and 1:56. (Race cut-off was 2:00). Technically, I beat someone--even if they were in a longer race. I also beat a couple DNFers too. Reporters on the course claim to have seen a runner drinking beer in the back of a Jeep Cherokee...and some thought that runner was me. I've seen no compromising pictures to support that slander. I have to admit that the buffalo had a nice aid station going and I did chat with them each loop. Why would anyone drink DURING a race? That would be silly--unless they were training for the Kennekuk Hash Run. And training for a hash run would be even sillier. Oh well. All in all, it was a fun event and I met a lot of neat people. I had a great time, just not the fastest finish time.

Next KRR race is in May--the Memorial Day 5K. I promise my loyal readers that I will not be last in that race. I have a couple tough races before May (Clinton Lake 30 and McNaughton Park 100) so let's hope I don't get injured.

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