Friday, March 21, 2008

Special Moon Run #97

Full moon run #97 is today at 7:30pm at Lake of the Woods trails. Nothing too special about the moon run, especially after you've done over 90 of them. Tonight we follow the moon run with a night run at Clinton Lake trail--now that's special! If you've run the Clinton trail during the day, imagine what it would be like at night...with mud...and rain. Kinda spooky. We hope to start around 9pm and some may do 2 loops in the dark. I'm doing one loop since I have the Mountain Goat 10K tomorrow in Danville. I'm using the Mt Goat as a social run--catch up with fellow runners and aid station workers as I walk, jog, and drink beer. Then it's back to Clinton Lake trail on Sunday for a trail cleaning and marking event. Not a bad three days of running. Life is good.

Moon run update: 8 people ran the sloppy Lake of the Woods trails under the full moon. That beats the solo runner (me) we've had the last couple months. And 5 went on to run the Clinton Lake trail later at night. Trail conditions at Clinton were very good. Only a few spots of mud. We didn't get any rain so the trails have started to dry up. I have renewed enthusiasm that next week's race might be on soft, but not muddy, trails!

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