Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brian's Clinton Race Report

For those that like to read race reports, Brian has one of the better ones I've seen on the recent Clinton Lake ultra race. He mixes pictures with text and even throws in a short video and GPS tracking maps. Check his report out (the rest of his blog is interesting too). If other people have race reports, let me know and I'll try to link them here. Feel free to send your report into UltraRunning magazine too. They already have my results, but would welcome stories too. I'll send them a race photo as well.

Other race reports:
Dennis (Run Bubba Run)
Pam (Kickstand Pam)
Ed (On the Trails with Ed)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props Chris. I appreciate it.

Yes, it's always better when I find blogs that have included as much as possible about the race. Those extras like photos, videos, links to other repots/blogs, etc. are always welcome. Having the information at the fingertips helps save time. This is generally, but not always, how I approach my reports.

Thanks again and great race. It'd be interesting to try it the other direction though.



Chris Ⓥ said...

I think I'll reverse race direction next year. Going up the long road hill will spread people out better at the start and give everyone that's done it before a different race experience on the course.

Anonymous said...

I have the following links to other 2008 reports on my blog that you may want to post:

Dennis Duria (RunBubbaRun)

Kickstand Pam

Loiusville Ed