Monday, April 7, 2008

Trail Gaiters

I ran the Allerton Park "Schroth trail" today with a few buffalo. Two 6-mile loops on pretty tame trails. I saw that Shea had on some trail gaiters and I thought "why the heck wear gaiters on this easy trail?" Next loop I was hopping around when a piece of gravel got into my shoe! Shea was onto something. I have a pair of Dirty Girl gaiters from about 4 years ago (got them after the Kettle Morraine 100K where you do get some pine needles, dirt, and rocks in your shoes). Worn them exactly once...for a practice run at Lake of the Woods trails. I think I'll wear them at McNaughton Park for a couple loops and see if I like them.

Good luck to Shea in his first 100 mile attempt. At least you won't have rocks in your shoes.

PS: A Clinton Lake runner left a pair of gaiters and a shoe bag near the finish line. I have both...and may use them at McNaughton this weekend. Let me know if you want them back. I'll bring a pair of pants and shirt that was left at Clinton too. Update: Ellen, our female champion, has claimed the gaiters and shoe bag--I'll bring them to the McNaughton race.

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