Thursday, April 17, 2008

Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam Update

I have compiled the most recent IL Trail Ultra Grand Slam (iTUGS) results. They include Clinton Lake and McNaughton Park. If runners DNF'd at McNaughton, but still finished at least 50 miles, they are NOT included in the Slam. Sorry, you need to finish the race you signed up for--but early starters do count and are lumped in to the regular race standings in terms of placing. I have added the actual finish times and placing (within M/F category) and an OVERALL POINTS column that is simply the "points/placing" sum for the races so far (lower is better). If you think there is an error, let me know. Remember that the placing is within your event and against those in your gender. You can access the latest Grand Slam results at my Google Docs spreadsheet link:

2008 IL Trail Ultra Grand Slam Results

Sheet 1 has everyone that started (green marks those still going)
Sheet 2 has only those still in it (sorted by best standing)
Sheet 3 has only those still in it (sorted by gender & standing)

We now have only 24 people in contention to finish the full Grand Slam! I may continue to adjust the formatting of the Google Doc (shading, colors, etc) to make the results easier to interpret. The current overall Slam leaders are:

-Matt Condron (5 placing points)
-Ellen Erhardt (3 placing points)

Final two races are Rock Cut Hobo 50K (Sept 21) and Farmdale 33 Miler (Oct 18). Registration for Farmdale is open, but Hobo is not available yet. Good luck to all the runners still in the Grand Slam. If you are out of the Slam, you should still do these last races...they are fun events.


Anonymous said...

thanks for cleaning the results up for the ITUGS. The people match up to my updated spreadsheet too.

I too signed up for Farmdale, but I'll have to wait until later to register for McNaughton. I need to see if I get into WS100. If not, then....we'll see it may be a toss up between McNaughton or KM or some destination 100.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Good luck getting into WS100. It's harder every year. Fortunately, you have good local 100s to select from: MP, Burning River, KM, or Mohican.

elleymon said...

Just my opinion but I think you should allow the drop-downs--at least give them credit for being in the Slam. You are including the early starters and those past the time limits for McN so it seems fair. It was a tough 50, let alone 100 and I think people should be recognized for a solid effort.

Chris Ⓥ said...

I appreciate your comments. The RD of the specific race in the Slam decides what counts as a finish for that event. Andy at MP didn't want DNFs at the longer races to count as finishes for the shorter ones (I agree with him). He doesn't give 50 mile belt buckles away anymore for those people either. If you sign up for a race, you need to finish THAT race. Early starters are allowed by the RD so they count (just as they do at Clinton Lake). No one was allowed to exceed 52 hours for any of the MP races. I feel a bit bad for those tough 150 milers that did 120 miles, but don't count as real 100 miler finishers (none of them were in the Slam anyway). The cool thing about the Slam, none of the "entrants" paid ANYTHING to be part of the Slam yet they get an award if they finish. They literally get something for nothing! It's hard for any of them to complain about our rules. If I only knew who "elleymon" was--they'd be banned for life from all the Slam races! ;-) And they wouldn't have gotten their pineapple trail gaiters back either! :-0

elleymon said...

Chris, I was not trying to be a big pain--I saw the pre-reg list for Farmdale and hoped everyone would get some credit for McN. You can ban me from the Slam, I would understand.

My guess is that most runners appreciate the opportunity to be part of the race series, whether or not there is something in it for them at the end. It is pretty cool!

Thanks again for bringing my gaiters to McN. Also, thanks for organizing the Slam with the other RDs.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Ban you from the Slam? You're winning the darn thing! I know you're not trying to be a pain. You have good comments and we may revisit things next year. If nothing else, we'll make the rules more explicit. We are sort of winging it this year and seeing how it goes.

mike siltman said...

hey chris, nice seeing you at mcnaughton. do we get extra credit for finishing the 150??? surely we should get a couple of extra points (i am just kidding).

Anonymous said...

Mike, maybe "fewer" points for longer the race. A few "extra" points would give you more points and lower you in the rankings ;-).

Good point though. Maybe next year the slammer organizers could apply factors to the distances. I'm up for that.

Chris Ⓥ said...

This is our first year with this Slam thing. I assume we'll discuss how it all worked out and make some changes for next year. I love gathering feedback from participants, so you all may get a survey from me (if you finish the Slam!). McNaughton is a different beast and we may need to handicap those results to give extra consideration to the 150 milers. The nice thing is your placing is only within your specific event (and gender)--so even the LAST 150 miler scored better than a middle-pack 50 miler.

PS: I have Clinton Lake survey results to share. I'll send an e-mail soon to CL runners with results and changes planned for next year.