Friday, April 18, 2008

Next Race = Gnaw Bone 50K

I'm recovered from the 100 miler last weekend (sort of), and now motivated to do my next race which is on May 10...the Gnaw Bone 50K. I've heard it referred to as the mini-Barkley. Yeah, right. It does intentionally go off trail, through briars, and up & down hills, but it ain't no Barkley! I can handle almost anything for just 31 miles. Barkley is 100 TOUGH miles on unmarked, unsupported terrain. Most people don't finish one 20-mile loop at Barkley. I hope to finish the whole Gnaw Bone 50K. Even if the difficulty is exaggerated, they do have a cool shirt. That's got to be worth something. And if you also do the Dance With Dirt race in September, they give you a cool "I've Been Boned & Burned" vest. Next year (2009) they are adding two more races to the series and you can try for the "Bloodied, Boned, Bruised, and Burned" vest and belt buckle that will (from their web site) "make all other runners scared shitless when in your presence!" Damn, I need to do that too.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, I saw a video of one of the DWD races out there in IN and was laughing my arse off when I saw footage of these people literally falling down the hill. I know that's mean n'all, but I was just laughing. Perhaps, those folks weren't laughing too much when they were actually falling DOWN the hill.

Seems like a lot of water too. I noticed from the video that perhaps some relay stops start/end IN the water.

I think the DWD organization have some snazzy websites. I notice these things cuz that's my business.

Shhh...thinking about Mohican Trail 100 as my first 100 ;-)