Sunday, May 18, 2008

7-Day Buffalo Trace Stage Race

On Sunday, June 15 at 5am the great 7-day race starts. It will end on Saturday, June 21 at 11pm. I've been thinking about this race for at least 2-3 years. For now, it's an informal event with no real advertising, registration, or awards (although the winner will likely get something very special). It was conceived to celebrate the 100th full moon run (which will be on Wednesday, June 18). Once the buffalo had done 50 full moon runs, I knew the 100th had to be special. As Moon Master, I needed to come up with a plan. At first I figured a 100 mile event would be perfect. Or at least a 24-hour event. Then a motley crew of buffalo started to run the "Across the Years" 72-hour run! 100 miles just didn't seem that impressive. Certainly not enough to celebrate the 100th moon run. Even 3 days of running didn't seem that tough. This had to be special. A little research unveiled a rich history of 6-day races...and the seed was planted. I hadn't heard of any 7-day races...and most multi-day events are on roads or I settled on 7-days of trail running. Welcome to my world. If all goes well, maybe this will become a real race in the near future. Let me rephrase, maybe it'll become an official race (running for 7-days seems "quite real" to me). At one time, Clinton Lake 30 Miler was just a dream of mine too. Here are a few details of the stage race:

(Also check out the Race Web Site)

June 15-June 21
Time: 5am-11pm each day (mandatory 6 hour rest break)
Location: Lake of the Woods trails, Mahomet, IL
Course: 5-mile trail loop
Aid stations: No official aid (can have pacer or crew)
Minimum miles per day: 5 miles on event trails
Map: PDF map from Second Wind Running Club (topo map)
Lodging: None supplied & no camping at park
Facilities: One bathroom off trail around 3.5 mile mark

Canine companions allowed, but must follow park leash rules.

Sun & Moon data for June 18...
5:24am (twilight starts 4:51am)
Sunset: 8:26pm (twilight ends 8:59pm)
Moonrise: 8:55pm
Moonset: 5:49am (next day)

Typical weather for June 18...
Normal High: 83
Record High: 97
Normal Low: 61
Record Low: 42

If you think you might do this event, let me know and I'll add you to the current "interested participant" list. Current list of intended participants available at Google Docs here.

Anyone is welcome to join me on the trails. To count as an "official" participant, you need to complete 5 miles of trails, between the hours of 5am and 11pm, at Lake of the Woods each day. Miles must be reported to the race organizer (me) within 24 hours. Race progress can be tracked on this blog daily during the event. People can start and stop as they please. The full 5-mile trail loop does not need to be completed to count--any portion or variation of the 5-mile loop counts--but using the bike path does not count. Decisions as to what does or does not count, and any other rules, are at the discretion of the race organizer (me). I'll keep this post updated with current rules (and may start a separate web site purely for the event). Send me questions via the comment feature on this blog and I'll answer them and eventually develop a full-fledged FAQ about the event. Thanks.

PS: Since this is not an official event, there is no official registration and no formal liability waiver. Essentially this is just a fun run. Participate at your own risk. Don't push yourself too hard. Eat, drink, protect yourself from the elements, and seek medical attention when necessary. Good luck!

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