Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Moon Run #99 Done...One Left!

We had full moon run #99 last night. I say "we" because some people actually showed up! It was nice running with human company rather than just deer, bats, and gnats. Danielle and Serena were there and Serena brought two friends. It was wet. The rain we got all day really soaked the course. And it was still muddy and wet from the weekend Buffalo Trace race. Every time you thought the last puddle or mud spot was gone, you'd hit another one. Some sections were just nasty. Fortunately, the weather for the run was almost perfect...low 50s with a slight breeze. The moon kept peeking out from behind stubborn clouds. Not too bad. I'm ready for #100.

The next full moon run is on Wednesday, June 18 at 9pm. It'll be the BIG ONE...number 100! Let's try to get a big group of buffalo out for #100. And bring a friend that has never been to a moon run. I'll be out there starting at 5am. It's going to be the biggest Moonathon ever. Run from 5am-11pm. Actually, I'll be out there running all week, but the "official Moonathon" will be June 18 from 5am-11pm. I want that moonathon trophy back!

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