Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May and June Races

I'm gearing up for a series of good races in May and June. If I survive, I should be ready for my "goal race" of the year...Howl at the Moon 8-Hour on August 9. Here are my upcoming May & June races:

May 10: Gnaw Bone 50K in Nashville, IN. A tough trail race that goes up & down hills, through streams, and on and off marked trails. This is part of the "Dances with Dirt" series and should be a fun, but hard event. I plan on doing the sister race (Dances with Dirt 50K in Hell, MI) in September so I can claim the "Boned & Burned" running vest.

May 26: Memorial Day 5K in Danville, IL. A chance to get some speed work in early in the summer. Not. I'm doing it just to say I ran every Kennekuk Road Runner (KRR) race this year. I'm sure they'll have a party afterwards...that's reason enough. I hope not to come in last place. I don't like roads and I tend to avoid 5K races.

June 7: 5-Hour Frenzy in Weldon Springs State Park, IL. A new event put on by the Clinton Community YMCA. I can't pass up a 5-hour trail race! Nice tune-up for the 8-hour Howl run. They also have a one-hour run that is a 2-person relay with a rubber chicken.

June 14: Lake Mingo 7.1 Mile in Danville, IL. Another great KRR event. This is part of their club grand slam. I already did the Siberian Express and Mountain Goat runs. After this race, I'll only have the Wild Wilderness trail run left. Lake Mingo is a nice trail. And, of course, there is the great party afterwards.

June 15-21: 7-Day Buffalo Trace Stage Race in Mahomet, IL. The event of the year! This is in celebration of the 100th full moon run that the buffalo warriors run every month. I'm the current Moon Master and wanted a special way to celebrate reaching 100 moon runs. The 100th full moon will occur on June 18. I thought running 7 days straight (18 hours/day) would be cool. Actually, it'll be rather hot and humid. Can I reach my goal of 353 miles?

June 28: Clear Pond 5-Hour run in Danville, IL. Yet another fantastic KRR club event (members only). It's a fund raiser for the local human societies. Run and walk the 3-mile Clear Pond trail at Kickapoo State Park (and party afterwards). This is one of my favorite trails in Illinois.

This will be a tough series of runs. I think I'll take July off and focus on the Howl at the Moon 8-Hour race on August 9. If I make it through all of these races without injury, Howl will go well.

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Tom Rice said...

Umm, about your 7-day Buffalo Trace adventure. You are one sick bison, or will be in June. As the Fat Kid says, "You ain't right in the head." Does sound interesting, though. I'll have to come out and see if vultures are circling overhead and swooping down on a buffalo sruggling to survive.

Chris Ⓥ said...

It'll be a hoot! Come on out everyday during that week. And make sure you show up for the actual full moon run (June 18) too!