Friday, May 9, 2008

Wounded Buffalo Heading to Gnaw Bone 50K

My left knee has hurt ever since the McNaughton Park 100 miler. It acted up after about 41 miles at McNaughton and has bothered me since then...although Aleve seems to keep the pain at a manageable level. I even took a full week off from running, but that didn't make it any better. I run the Gnaw Bone 50K trail race tomorrow (Saturday) in Indiana. I hope I can finish that sucker! And I hope I can still run afterwards. Fellow buffalo Srini is running Gnaw Bone too. His back has been hurting. Two wounded buffalo heading over to Hoosier land. Don't count us out. With the recent heavy rain we will likely be water buffalo on Saturday morning. I should have a race report, hopefully with pictures, on Saturday evening.

Good luck to all the buffalo heading up to Wisconsin for the Ice Age 50K/50 Miler.

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Anonymous said...

You do know what Hoosiers do with wounded buffalo, right? They don't call it Gnaw Bone for nuthin. ;-).

Be careful out there and I look forward to your race report.