Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day Five of Seven

High: 85 & Sunny, Low: 55

I'm even more tired...and now I hurt. The morning started off well with a left-over full moon ("Moon Over Mahammy"), but it quickly digressed into a house of pain and slow movement. I felt like a sloth. I've never had shin splints, but I think I have them now. They hurt. Apparently I misinterpreted that running advice about not increasing your weekly mileage more than 10% per week. I'm doing 10 times more mileage! I should get that right next time. Coach thinks I should soak my feet and legs in a garbage can filled with ice water. Do I do that on the trail? Or at home with all the spare time I have after running 50 miles each day? I have a race to run and organize.

Too tired to post more, but here's a picture of the one and only aid station (nothing was promised, so water, S-Caps, and a chair is pretty darn good!). Notice the strategic location under a tree. And the "station" moves to stay in the tree shade as the sun rises.

Stage Five Winner: Connie (50 miles, some done before 5am)
Overall Leader: Chris (250 miles)
Runner of the Day: Viola (far right in the photo below--she can't get enough running, but her parents think she's too young for high miles. I admire her spunk and energy. Also, it's cool that she prefers barefoot running. That character in the background is logging some good miles too).

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denalifc said...

Chris: enjoying the posts and see how you guys are all doing. Good luck with day 7 (then 358 days to the next 7 dayer!!)