Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day Four of Seven

High: 83 & Sunny, Low: 54

Short & simple summary of day four...I'm tired. I had no energy all day. This was the worst far. But it was a moon run. Beautiful cool, clear night with a bright moon. Fireflies dancing along the trail. Lots of runners. Good way to end the day. Donna (in photo) started the day before me! But she couldn't stay for the moon run.

This whole 7-day thing got in my mind about 2 years ago when I realized the 100th full moon run would be coming up in summer 2008. At first I figured a 100 mile "fun run" would be a good way to celebrate. One hundred moon runs conclude with 100 miles. Not a bad idea, but who can participate in a 100 mile run? Well, if you spread it out over a few days...almost anyone can do serious mileage! Except then it's too easy. So those yahoos in Arizona with the "Across the Years" race (72 hour event) got me thinking. Why just 3 days? There was talk of extending that to a 6-day race. Hasn't happened. There are other 6-day races around the world, but I didn't know of any 7-day races. That's the ticket! Run for a week to celebrate the 100th full moon run. Everyone can run a little each day for a week. How about a minimum of 5 miles/day? Easy. The rest is history...almost. We aren't done yet. Three more days to go.

Stage Four Winner: Chris (55 miles)
Overall Leader: Chris (205 miles)
Runner of the Day: Donna (She drives in from Normal each day, today she even beat me to the trail head at 5am, and she logged 24.5 miles before heading back home!)


Tom Rice said...

I broke my string of 5 milers and actually did 6 last evening. I'm trying to catch up to you.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Catching up indeed! I am slacking off...only 45 miles on Thursday. I need to take it up a notch. Unfortunately, my legs and feet have different ideas...TV, chips, and beer.