Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UltraMarathon Man the Movie

Well, Dean Karnazes has done it again...he now has a movie based on his 50 marathons in 50 days achievement. He also has a book coming out on the same topic. I'm not the biggest Karno fan, but he does do some cool things and he certainly knows how to market himself...and extreme running. The movie premiers (and in most places is one-night only) on July 31, 2008. It's called "UltraMarathon Man." In central Illinois, it seems the only place showing the movie is in Bloomington-Normal. I'll probably go up there to see it. The movie has some promise since it's done by the same group (Journeyfilm) that did the David Horton documentary on the PCT called "The Runner." The Runner is an awesome documentary.

Karno's newest book, "50/50: Secrets I Learned in Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days," is due out in August. I'll probably end up buying that too...I can't pass up new running books!

Dean is running the Badwater Ultramarathon right now...currently in 4th place overall and should finish this afternoon. Pam Reed is the lead woman (3rd overall) and Jorge Pacheco is the lead man. They each have some tough competition so the climb from Lone Pine to the Mt Whitney portal finish should be exciting.

Update: Jorge Pacheco won with a time of 23:20 (beating Akos Konya by about 30 minutes). Jamie Donaldson was the first woman finisher (3rd overall) in a time of 26:51 (new course record!). She beat Pam Reed by about 50 minutes. Dean Karnazes finished 4th overall in 27:11.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I saw Jamie go by looking fresher than a daisy on her way to Furnace Creek as we were in the Suburban waiting to crew Scott, and then Pam came by, grinding out the miles in that metronome style of hers. They're both awesome women.

Dean Dean the Running Machine was nice to look at, as was David Goggins...I just LOVE watching beautiful bodies in motion, male or female.

I thought of you when I talked to Marshall Ulrich on the course...how you named your desert hat "Marshall." :)

Such lovely memories I have of this year's Badwater. Can't wait 'til next year. Maybe you'll be there in some capacity? Then there will be *two* Marshalls on the course!

Happy trails,

Connie :)

Chris Ⓥ said...

Yeah, Karnazes and Goggins are pretty fit individuals. Handsome fellas too. Wonder what happened to David at Badwater this year. He got a DNF. I hope to be at Badwater next year...maybe crewing...I'm not ready for a run...yet. I sure like the idea of a solo attempt.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what happened to Goggins...I asked Lisa Bliss when she was making her rounds, checking on the runners, and she didn't give us a reason, but from what I could observe, he was moving slower than normal early on in the race (I even commented to a crew member that he looked sluggish).

Well, when you're ready for a run, I'd love to crew you if it doesn't conflict with something else.

I plan to apply for the 2009 BWUM, so I'm trying to get my ducks in a row and plan to do the Pinhoti 100 in November in addition to my annual Badgerland 24 Hour in Greendale, WI. If I don't get accepted, there's always a solo!

Would be great to see you out there next year.

Happy trails,