Saturday, July 12, 2008

Badwater Ultramarathon Next Week

The annual Badwater Ultramarathon begins next week (July 14-16). The runners will depart in waves (6am, 8am, 10am) from Badwater, CA in Death Valley (-282 feet) and travel 135 miles across the desert and up to the Mount Whitney portal (8,360 feet). Some competitors go an extra few miles and actually summit Mt Whitney at 14,505 feet (not part of the official race).

The weather actually looks good for this year's race--Furnace Creek has forecast highs of 92, 94, and 103 (M, T, W). That is really cool weather for Death Valley in July! Last year, we had highs around 120. I miss the desert and crewing for Brian last summer. It was a great experience that I hope to repeat again soon. That's our team from 2007 in the photo.

The race organizers will have a live webcast beginning Monday morning. Check it often to see all the fun! Good luck to all the racers and their crews.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, who are those *crazy* people with buffalo hats on their heads standing at the basin of Badwater?


Happy Trails,

Connie :)