Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Appreciate Your Health!

Hey everyone, a quick reminder to all...appreciate your health! If you are healthy and injury free, be happy and don't get too cocky. You are a lucky individual. The last three days I've woken up with some nasty dizziness (vertigo) that kept me from going to work. Believe me, I'm not running with the world spinning around in my head. It was much better this morning, but the previous two days were intense and really anxiety producing. Dramamine is helping and I think the underlying cause is allergies/sinuses that are somehow blocking one or both inner ears during sleep and throwing my balance way off. Things are worse in the early morning and get better by noon ("stuff" draining out of my inner ears?). I'm fairly certain it's not an actual inner ear infection since I don't have any pain, hearing problems, headaches, pressure, etc. I'll go to the doctor if it's not completely better by tomorrow.

Anyway, the ONLY good thing about being completely helpless and almost unable to stand or walk due to dizziness is that you appreciate the healthy life you had just a few days before. Running is not about beating the guy next to you at the local 5K (or 50K), but rather maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I'm sure my heart, lungs, and legs are in better shape because I'm a runner. I'm rather positive that I have less stress and more energy due to my regular morning runs too. As usual, I forget that until my health is temporarily taken away. Or an injury strikes. So, appreciate the fact that you can run. How many people can run a 5K? How about a 50K? 100 mile trail race? We are pretty fortunate. Enjoy your next run. You never know when it may be your last. I hope to be back on the trails in a day or two. I'll have a renewed optimism about running.


shnog said...

I couldn't edit my comment, so I deleted it *blush*.
I hope you're feeling better soon with the vertigo! Your post made me think about what is important and I wanted to thank you for the great post! I think a lot of us get wrapped up in pace, times (myself included), etc when as you've said, we should appreciate what we've got! Your post definitely made me think and grateful.

Anonymous said...


I'm shocked and saddened to hear this news...

Wonder what's going on with you.

When I was 36 I was diagnosed with my heart disorder due to vertigo (it's AWFUL, I know) and SOB, not to mention confusion.

This isn't to say you have a cardiac disorder of course, but I'm just saying I know what you're going through...

Keep us posted how you're doing. Hope you've been to a good doc.


Connie :)

Chris Ⓥ said...

I feel much better this Thursday morning. Thanks for the kind words. If I can get out of work on time, I may join the buffalo herd running on their regular Thursday evening trail run. Tomorrow is the first University of Illinois cross country meet and I volunteered to help out--got to give back what I can to this great sport of running! Again, appreciate your health!

Tom Rice said...

Tall Moon Dude

Take good care of yourself. Kentucky, trails, and caves are coming up.