Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Disappointing Olympics

I haven't posted for 2 weeks on this blog...I should blame the Olympics, but it's more me being lazy and depressed. I've had a foot injury since Howl at the Moon and I haven't been running much. When I don't run, I don't write about running. Back to the Olympics...I did watch a few events...and I was thoroughly disappointed with the US runners and sprinters. Yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them is much better than me, but I'm not claiming to be one of the best runners (or sprinters) from the USA. How can we not make it to the finals of the 4x100s? Drop the baton!? We did claim the 4x400 relay on both the men's and women's sides. Shouldn't we be winning (maybe even sweeping) the 100, 200, and 400m events?

What about the premier Olympic event, the marathon? No American medals for the men or women. There was a very impressive Olympic record in the men's race (2:06:32 in the heat, humidity, and sun). Dathan and Ryan took 9th and 10th place. Not terrible, but almost 6 minutes behind the winner. You can't let a BIG lead pack take off and not give chase. After just 5 miles the race was over for them. One the women's side, the best American took 27th place in a time of 2:33:13. Over 6 minutes behind the winner. Deena DNF'd early on with a foot injury--not her fault. Still disappointing. While I am disappointed with our marathoners, I'm sure they are even more disappointed with their own results. They are amazing athletes that had the opportunity to challenge for medals. I'm sure their training was intense. Maybe next time. London is only 4 years away and we have some young talent.

So, who made me "proud to be an American" at the Olympics? Phelps. Enough said on that dude. Also, the women's soccer team. They held together really well without Abby and hung on for the gold medal! Both the men and women took the basketball golds...as expected. The men's volleyball team overcame off-court tragedy and claimed the gold. Well done. What about our fine track and road runners? With the exception of our 400m folks, none. I was truly impressed with the 50K walkers...the winner finished in 3:37. I wish I could run a 50K that fast! He was Italian. The best American finished in 39th place with a time of 4:08. Still much better than me, but I'm not claiming to be an Olympian.

Enough complaining. The Olympics are over and it's time to focus on my own running. Hobo 50K is only 33 days away.

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