Sunday, September 21, 2008

Simple Running is Boring

Lately I've been posting about being injured and looking forward to some basic running. Well, I've now been "enjoying" that easy running for a couple weeks. I suppose I do appreciate the chance to get back on the trails and run pain free, but something is missing. I'm healthy and not injured...and now "simple running" is boring. I need a goal. I need structure in my running. I need a plan. My watch needs to be put back on my wrist and the heart rate monitor strapped to my chest! Time to start tracking my runs and looking forward to improving and reaching my goals. What goals? My next race is in 7 days at the Rock Cut Hobo 50K. Too soon to make that a goal race. I'll turn that into a good long run. The goal for Hobo is to make it to the finish line feeling good and ready to start training in earnest. Farmdale 33 miler is 4 weeks away (October 18) and I should be able to sharpen up for that race. I'm shooting for a Farmdale PR (currently that stands at 5:49).

After consulting with Coach Jeff, here is my general training strategy loosely based on the Run Less, Run Faster book and the Furman Institute training philosophy (with a bit of Maffetone HR training thrown in too):

Monday: Cross training (walk, elliptical, weights, or bike)
Tuesday: Intervals (400m, 800m, or 1k repeats)
Wednesday: Cross training or complete day off
Thursday: Tempo run (5-7 miles with about 3-4 at SAP pace: 143-163 HR)
Friday: Cross training
Saturday: Long run (12-20 miles at MAP pace: 113-133 HR)
Sunday: Short run (4-5 miles at MEP pace: 133-143 HR)

I'll post my specific weekly plans each Sunday on this blog. I'll follow-up each run with a blog posting and hopefully comments from Coach Jeff (if he ever figures out how to post!). Others are welcome to comment on my training too. The more public accountability I have the longer I'll stay motivated. That's my plan and I'm sticking with it!

This week will be a transition week leading up to the Hobo 50K on Sunday. Here are my plans:

Monday= 30 minutes cross training on elliptical machine
Tuesday= 4 miles at MEP pace (133-143 HR)
Wednesday= 2 mile walk
Thursday= 5 miles with 2 at SAP pace (143-163 HR)
Friday= 30 minutes cross training on elliptical machine
Saturday= 3 miles at MAP pace (113-133 HR)
Sunday= 31 mile "long run" at the Rock Cut Hobo 50K race (5:59 time goal). Last year I ran 5:35. Giving myself an extra 25 minutes should keep me relaxed.


jar said...

remember I 'll be there tueday afternoons to time your intervals, you should mix in some hill repeats sometime.
you skinny, small bony people can get away with little training while bigger guys like need lots of training to run our best.

don't run the intervals or tempo runs too hard, remember your getting older every day, plus Tom and I don't want you to throw out your back before our trail maint trip to mammouth cave, KY after Farmdale.
I backed out, again, on going to Clinton to do trail work as its not fun mowing in the rain.

Chris Ⓥ said...

I was thinking of doing the first few speed work intervals on the middle school track in the morning. 400m repeats would allow you to give me a split time at 200m and then the final time at 400m. I'm not opposed to some hill repeats in place of intervals. While we still have light and good weather, it might be worth doing some Tuesday afternoon sessions at the trails. I see these moving to the treadmill once winter hits.