Monday, September 8, 2008

Simple Running

Ah, the joys of simple running. I ran Saturday and Sunday mornings at an easy pace and managed 10 miles each morning. And all without back pain (although the lower back is still stiff). Felt great to be out on the trails just running. No watch, no heart rate monitor (well, I did have one on Saturday since I ran with my "coach") and no training plan. Just simple running. The weather was fantastic all weekend...I wish we could have cool, dry temps all year long. The local trails at Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve are in very good shape. Coach Jeff has been mowing them regularly and they looked awesome on Sunday. My plan is to run easy and short Monday-Friday and then easy and "long" (10-12 miles) on the weekend in preparation for the Rock Cut Hobo 50K (in less than 3 weeks!). If my back holds out for Hobo, I'll throw in some faster tempo runs in training for Farmdale 33 miler. For now, I'm enjoying the simple pleasures of easy running with no training goals and pressure. Maybe that's what I should do year-round? Guess I should consult coach Jeff.

NOTE: The trails at Clinton Lake are in fairly poor shape (as of last week). Many downed trees and lots of itch weed, briars, and high grass across the trail. I really can't blame DNR since they've had budget and staff reductions. If the local DNR folks don't clear it within a month or so, I'm sure we'll get a group together from the running club or buffalo runners to do trail maintenance.

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