Saturday, October 18, 2008

All 20 Slammers Finish Farmdale!

All 20 of the Grand Slam contenders (after Hobo) signed up, showed up, and finished the Farmdale 33 miler (the picture at left has 19 of us 20--Michael Matteson must have been sitting around the fire keeping warm)! Well done people. Hope you like your Grand Slam t-shirts. The course was actually a bit long, instead of short, but we did it. I'm beat and still need to pack and get ready for my trip to KY Mammoth Cave National Park. We leave tomorrow for a week-long "volunteer vacation" to build new trails. It's an American Hiking Society coordinated event.

I should have a full race report tomorrow (or in a week when I get back). I don't have all the Farmdale results so I can't finalize the Grand Slam results...but Matthew Condron and Ellen Erhardt won Farmdale and thus expanded their overall Grand Slam leads. They were the 2008 Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam Champions! Congratulations.

We should do this again next year, eh? I'll send a web survey to the Slammers asking for some feedback. Seems like the 3 other race directors are up for another year. I know I am. Are you?


matt said...

chris, Thank you for putting the slam together. I'm slowly converting to a trail runner from a road runner.

matt said...

btw do you know the date for the Riddle Run?

Chris Ⓥ said...

You're welcome. The Slam worked out OK. I'm happy I did it (both coordinating and actually running the four races). Riddle Run is usually the last Saturday in January. I'm thinking it will be at 8am on January 31, 2009. Jeff sets the date so I can't be sure.