Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Farmdale Race Course Changes

Looks like there will be a change to the Farmdale trail loop for the race this weekend. Instead of the 11 mile loop, it will be slightly shorter (I was wrong earlier in the week when I said it would be 4 short loops--it is still 3 loops, just slightly shorter). Flooding and debris on some sections of the course have caused the alterations. Here is the RDs note about the changes:

There is a section of the course called Muddy Meadow and Equine that remain unpassable due to recent flooding at the park. This part of the park was under nearly 12 feet of water a few weeks ago. We had hoped it would be dried out enough to clear debris and groom it for the race. Unfortunately, we have gotten more rain and the trail continues to be unusable. At this point, the race distance will be just over 7.5 miles and just under 32 for the ultra distance. This is regrettable, but better than attempting to go through it.

Should still be fun...and it's now a slightly shorter course...PR time! Hope everyone has a great run on Saturday. The weather forecast is looking good: Low=42, High=63 and mostly sunny. There is rain off and on all day today, but should be fine for camping and running by this weekend.

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