Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Buy Nothing...and Run

The day after Thanksgiving is often called "Black Friday." It's one of the biggest shopping days of the year. I prefer to call it "Buy Nothing Day." Adbusters has been leading a campaign for years to encourage consumers to buy nothing the day after Thanksgiving. Don't get caught up in the consumerist zeal...instead, save your money, give thanks for what you have, and go out for a good trail run. The simple joys of life. While you're running, think about all you have...and how lucky you are to be healthy enough to run. And with the current global economic crisis, give thanks that you have shelter, food, & clothing. Don't forget your family & friends too.

If you really want to buy something, try one of these fine magazines that actually do some good:

Good Magazine

Yes, I subscribe to both magazines. Good magazine donates 100% of their subscription price to the charity of your choice (from their list). And it motivates me to "do good" more often than I would otherwise. Adbusters magazine keeps me on my toes, points out the oddities of our capitalist society, and generally just makes me more thoughtful (& cynical).

If you can stave off those shopping cravings, join the buffalo herd on Friday, November 28 at 8am at the Clinton Lake north fork trail. We'll start from the north fork canoe access parking lot and do at least one loop. I'm sure if you want to run more than 10 miles, you'll find a taker among the buffalo. Maybe breakfast afterwards.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. It's my favorite holiday of the year. No gifts. No pretense. Just good food, time off from work, and the opportunity to reflect on all the great things around us.

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