Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change of Race Plans

It has been a while since I last posted. Not as long as some run bloggers I know, but still longer than my usual 2-3 posts per week. I have been out of town for a volunteer vacation and then a research conference and I've been struggling to catch up with work. It's hard to run and write when you are putting in long days & nights at work. No more...I am back! My first decision about the rest of the year...cancel my plans to run two short races. I'm not in any shape to be running fast anyway. No "Run for the Library" 5K and no "Deer Run Run" 8K. I need to get some nice long trail runs need to race short distances. The Clinton Lake trail is now cleared and ready to be run. I plan to get out there this weekend. I also hope to do the new "Fat Ass" run at McNaughton Park on December 13 (more on that soon). Maybe I can avenge my one DNF this year (at the KRR Lake Mingo Fat Ass back in February). What better way to prepare for the actual McNaughton Park 100 miler in April than running the exact same trail right now? If I can get over to Pekin, IL 2-3 times this winter, add regular Clinton Lake runs into the mix, and then toss a few treadmill runs in during the worst weather, I should be ready for some good ultras in spring 2009.

No more delays, it is time to lace up those shoes, crank up the i-Pod, and hit the trails!

PS: Did anyone see the latest Marathon & Beyond issue (Nov-Dec 2008)? Check out page 120...even with the fine encouragement of those race volunteers (and buffalo friends), I dropped out of that 100 mile race after about 70 miles. Sometimes no amount of poking and prodding will get you going! I was back the next year and I did finish the McNaughton Park 100 miler.

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