Friday, November 14, 2008

Fat Ass Runs

As we head further into winter, there isn't a whole lot of fun running to look forward to...except for the various annual fat ass runs! These runs happen all over the country (and world) and usually start around Thanksgiving and go through January. The idea is to burn those holiday calories off with low key ultra distance "fat ass" runs. The theme connecting all of these runs together is nicely stated by Joe Oakes (the founder of the first Fat Ass run back in 1978):

"There is so much greed and so much money in sports these days, there is not a nickel involved in any of these events. You just show up and run. It's very simple."

Simple doesn't get much better than that! We are fortunate to have three Fat Ass trail runs in central Illinois nicely spaced over our three winter months of December-February:

**CANCELED** December 13 = McNaughton 30 Miler (Pekin, IL)
(First annual)
January 31 = Riddle Run 28 Miler (Mahomet, IL)
(10th annual)
February 14 = Lake Mingo 28 Miler (Danville, IL)
(Kennekuk Road Runner members only)

No fees, no awards, no complaining. Show up, meet some new people, and run. There is also a road 50K fat ass run in McNabb, IL. I plan to run the three trail fat ass ultras in preparation for my McNaughton Park 100 miler in April. I need to find a good trail ultra in March to finalize my training for the 100...anyone know of a good 30 mile race in March? Trick question! The Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run is on March 28, 2009. I won't be running it this year (running and race directing is too distracting), but I do plan on getting in at least 20 miles on that same Clinton Lake trail the week before (and possibly the day before) the race.

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