Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam

This will be the second year of the i-TUGS (Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam). It was designed to motivate runners to go that extra mile, help advertise the four races, and also increase the recognition of ultra running in the state of Illinois (we have some great races and sensational ultra runners in Illinois). If you are running the Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run, don't forget that Clinton Lake is just the first of four fine races that compose the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam. I've run them all and each one is a different challenge. Here are the Slam races (in order by race date):
(Note that Farmdale is now a 32 mile run instead of 33 miles.) If you wanted to do the Grand Slam, but didn't register for Clinton...it's too late! If you are one of the "lucky" Clinton Lake ultra runners, do your best at Clinton (at least finish the darn race) and then register for the other three before they close. I don't want to hear any whining if something goes wrong. I'm sure the other three RDs could go without your whining too. Last year we gave "Grand Slam Finisher" t-shirts to the twenty Grand Slammers. This year will be something different. I hope to have continual "special recognition" of all the current Slammers at the other three races. Maybe a special bib? If nothing else, I'll remind the other race directors to mention the Slam and have a "shout out" to all the currently eligible Slammers that are at the starting line. Let me know if you have ideas for extra ways we can recognize the Grand Slam runners.

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