Friday, January 23, 2009

Riddle Run 10

The tenth version of the informal "fat ass" Riddle Run 28 miler is just over a week away (Saturday, January 31, 2009). It's always one of the highlights of my running year. What better way to start off each year than getting ready to do an informal, low-key, trail ultra? Here are the past champions and their times:

2000: 8:40 jeff riddle
2001: 4:40 spencer nelson
2002: 3:52 dave scott
2003: 4:06 dave scott, 5:45 becky dey
2004: 4:28 dave scott
2005: 3:49 jack peirce, 5:34 marla luckey
2006: 3:48 jeff kelly, 4:31 marla luckey
2007: 3:54 brett graham, 4:28 marla luckey
2008: 3:39 matt condron, 4:18 ellen erhardt

Those are some steadily declining times! Will 2009 be even faster for both the women and the men? Lots of questions yet to be answered...

Will Matt defend his title?
Will Ellen kick Marla's ass again?
Will Jeff finish even one loop?
How many of the original 12 (from the 2000 event) will show up?

We'll know in about a week. It all takes place in Mahomet, IL at the Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve. A map of the trails is available here. Here is another map with more "real life" details. The run starts at the west parking lot at 8:10am and consists of seven 4-mile trail loops. People are welcome to do more or less. No fee, no support, no complaining. It's just running. And maybe some walking.

I don't have anything to do with this run. If you have questions, or want to run it, contact Jeff at: Rumor has it that he'll provide one home-made, cream-filled cupcake to each runner after they have completed one 4-mile loop. Sweet!

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