Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm on a roll! First a DFL, then a DNS, now a DNF. What other running acronyms can I add to my list?

At the Riddle Run 28 miler at the end of January, I was the last finisher (often known as "Dead Freaking Last"--insert other expletive as you wish). But with over 100 starters, I was one of only 10 finishers. Not too bad. Lots of others were DNFs while I managed a somewhat respectable DFL. It was a tough day and I was in no hurry.

Then came the Lake Mingo 28 miler on Valentines Day. This time I didn't even get out of bed. A big fat DNS ("Did Not Start"). That's sad, but I was ill with the flu. If you're sick, you're sick. No shame in skipping a run that would put you in the hospital. There will be many future races.

And this weekend I "participated" in the Yours Truly 50K. And I got a big DNF ("Did Not Finish"). I'm not sure I really qualified for a DNF since I knew from the start that I would not do 31 miles. If you are not really starting and intending to finish, do you still get a DNF? I did one loop of the Clinton Lake trail. It was very hard and uneven terrain (probably the worst I've ever seen it). All the recent chewed up mud was now solid, crumpled, and cupped earth. You had to watch almost every step. Just getting back after my flu and cold, 10 miles was enough for me! Done, give me the DNF.

I'm sure I'll have more DNFs in my future. Probably a few DNSs too. And I'm fine with DFLs--at least that means I carried the torch to the end with a finish...even if it was last place! My next race is Land Between the Lakes 60K on March 14. I'm going down with a big group, so I should stave off the DNS. I doubt I'll be last, so that takes care of the DFL. Unless something really goes bad, I'll finish that sucker. No DNF. That should get me back on track for the big race coming up: McNaughton Park 100 miler on April 10-12. I've had too many DNFs at that race in the past. I'll finish this year like I did last year...slow and steady over three days enjoying the whole darn thing.


Sean Reeder said...

I don't know about the DNF, I only planned on 12 at the Riddle Run, but I believe I'm still a DNF'r. Maybe Jeff could give you a ruling.

Lilly & I did a loop at Clinton on Sat. morning as well and your right, one was enough. The wind picked up and made it quite cold and my ankles were sore from the roughness of the trail.

Chris Ⓥ said...

According to Jeff, anyone that didn't get the full 28 miles at Riddle Run was a DNF. I think I was the last "finisher" with 28 miles. If I add up all those DNFers (and a few DNSers) I did really well!

Carl said...

A runner friend has the anonym DFL on her twitter account, and I had to google, and your blog came up.

Great finish, you have much to be proud of. :)