Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Josh Cox Video

No, I'm not a Josh Cox groupie, but he did recently break the 50K American record and this video is pretty motivational. It's called "The Road to the 50K American Record." There's a part 2 that you can view after this one is finished. This 7 minute YouTube clip shows some great training and racing footage interspersed with Josh talking about his goals and life.

I like one of his lines when asked about his running and how lucky he was to be doing what he loved: "It wasn't luck, it was a choice." What are you choosing to do today? Tomorrow? The rest of your life?

PS: I've made it easier to post comments on this blog. No more requirement to register with Google or OpenID. Anyone can post (there is a spam blocker task that asks you to enter characters from a displayed image). Now even Riddle and Condrun can post!


Anonymous said...

His last quote in the first video really touched me, "Running doesn't dad's dying."

Kinda puts it all in perspective. 'course this didn't stop him from running.

Happy trails,

Connie :)

west birch said...

Hi Chris -

I'm sorry if this comment is off-topic (although the video was great), but I thought I'd ask you something I heard that I'm hoping is not a rumor. Someone in my running group said that the McNaughton race is soon to be discontinued because the race director is moving. I figured if anyone knew the truth, it'd be you.

Can you shed any light on this dismal news/rumor? Thanks in advance.

Stay strong,

Chris Ⓥ said...

It is true that Andy will not be the McNaughton Park race director after this year. That's sad since he is very good at it and a really friendly guy. He moved to Vermont this past year so it's impossible for him to RD a Pekin event from that distance (surprised he's even doing it this year!). There are plans for the race to continue, but no details have been finalized. I have faith that Andy will be passing it on to a responsible local ultra runner for 2010. Not sure if the table of races (50-100-150) will stay the same, but I think it will be similar. Andy will likely mention this "transition plan" at his pre-race briefing this year. It is official that this is Andy's last year as RD. It's still unofficial what will happen for 2010--but my local rumor mill says things will continue.