Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009 Race Sponsors

As you might suspect, a race cannot continue to be staged without a set of volunteers and a few sponsors. We are fortunate to have quality sponsors and a great group of volunteers for the Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run. Since we don't place the sponsors on the race t-shirt (I hate that cluttered look), I want all the racers (and the world!) to know who helps this race succeed:

Second Wind Running Club
Marathon & Beyond Magazine
Body n' Sole Sports
Succeed! Sports Drink
BodyMechanic Fitness
Raw Indulgence

They are all listed on the top left of this blog too.

Second Wind deserves double-thanks since they are also a ready-made venue for volunteers. This race is a club event and they stand behind it. And of course we have the ever-present local buffalo runners that run and volunteer at the race. While the Illinois Department of Natural Resources isn't an official sponsor, they do allow us to use the area for the race, and they provide some extra equipment (trash cans, picnic tables, etc). Thanks everyone!

Early weather forecast for the race (10 days to go)...
Friday night low: 26
Saturday high: 45 and partly cloudy
There is a weather gadget on the top left of the blog so you can quickly check current weather and click for extended forecasts.

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