Saturday, March 21, 2009

Race Trail in Good Shape

Just finished walking/running the trail this morning and it is in good shape. Very few muddy spots and the previously uneven terrain is now mostly beaten down and fairly smooth. A couple wooden bridges have been repaired too. There are a few sections that have lots of leaves and it's a little hard to follow the path, but we'll remark some of the white flashes on the trees to make them more visible. We are not raking the trail like we did the first 2 years. It should be easy to follow next weekend for the race once we brighten the tree markings. Looks like we might get a little rain on Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of the week looks pretty dry until Friday evening (chance of rain into race morning). This could be the BEST trail conditions we have ever had for race day! Let's hope the rain skips the north fork trail area.

Weather forecast has a Friday night low of 39 and a Saturday high of 52 (with chance for rain).


ed said...

Wow, a 15 degree change in the forecast for the low temperature after just one day! Yeah, I despise weathermen, especially the ones who say their forecast is the best in town (3 times zero is still zero). Thanks for sending frequent updates -- looking forward to the race, rain or shine!

Chris Ⓥ said...

I'll be on the trail again tomorrow (Sun). Shouldn't be much change in trail conditions since we don't expect rain until Monday. Good chance for the trail to continue drying out. I won't trust the weather forecast until Thursday...even then it's not that accurate.