Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moon Walk Progress

My work Moon Walk team is currently in 5th place out of 119 teams ("Center for Teaching Excellence"). The buffalo runner team is in 1st place! I'm proud of our team--except for me, they are all walkers so they need to push to get miles. I have hopes that we'll slowly work our way up to 3rd place. The first two teams look too tough to catch. No way we are knocking the buffalo team off their perch. I would settle for 3rd. The rankings of all the teams can be accessed here (without any log in). On a side note, Champaign County is beating Peoria and sticking close to the Quad Cities.

NOTE: Occasionally a team logs their miles incorrectly and jumps to #1 with thousands of miles to their credit. Those stats get corrected pretty quickly.

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