Friday, April 17, 2009

Updated 2009 Grand Slam Standings

We are half-way to the completion of the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam! Clinton Lake and McNaughton Park are done. Only Rock Cut Hobo 50K and Farmdale 32 miler are left. I have posted the updated standings. Let me know if you think there are errors and I'll correct them. Remember that standings are based on PLACING within your race distance and gender group. You can view the standings by last name or overall placing within gender.

After two races, we have a tight competition going on among the male and female runners. Jake Vernon leads the women and Matthew Condron leads the men. Congratulations to both of them! I hope everyone that's still in Grand Slam contention signs up for Rock Cut Hobo 50K (and Farmdale 32 miler too). We have culled the 88 Clinton Lake race finishers down to 19 Slam survivors. How many will be left after Rock Cut Hobo?

NOTE: Please remember that if you did not complete the race you registered for, you count as a DNF and are no longer in the Grand Slam. If you signed up for the 150 at McNaughton Park and finished 100 miles, you are a DNF. If you signed-up for the 100 and finished 50 miles, you are a DNF. That's how Andy lists you for his race and that's what counts for the iTUGS standings. No complaining allowed.


GTI said...

So, already fewer names on this year's list after two races, than we had after all four races last year. Did McNaughton take a heavier toll on the Grand Slam hopefuls this year? Good news is, at a glance, the majority of the names still there are new to the list this year. It looks like the repeat slammers are currently in the minority.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Lots of new people. That's good. Yes, I think MP took it's toll on many fine runners. Andy doesn't count in race "drop-downs" (150 to 100 miles or 100 to 50 miles) so quite a few suffered in the mud and ended up with DNFs.