Sunday, June 7, 2009

Race Results Are Certified

The Buffalo Trace 7-Day Stage Race results are now final. Over the last week, they have been certified by the race director following precise guidelines. Some people had to be dropped, others mileage revised, and one person was even added to the final results. I can now officially declare that Tracy Thomas was the overall champion with 335 total miles! That's a picture of her finishing an early morning loop on day 7. Tracy set a new course record (the old one was fairly weak--set by me last year at 303 miles). Congratulations to Tracy...and the other 12 race participants that made it out to the trails all week. We had 21 final participants last year--I guess the reputation of this race as "insane" has gotten out. People are wising up to the fact that running for 7 days straight on rolling trails in the summer heat is not easy. Still, this year's "lucky 13" had a great time and several set personal weekly mileage records.

Hope everyone is recovering well and planning their next running adventure. I have a few local 5K road races planned. That's new running territory for me! I'm even adding speed work to my weekly training plans. Howl at the Moon 8-Hour run is still my goal race for this year. I hope to hit 50 miles. Mid-August weather is usually hot & humid in central Illinois. If I can get in a good combination of distance and speed work over the next 2 months, plus a bit of heat training, I have a shot at 50 miles.

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