Saturday, November 21, 2009

2 Good Fat Ass Runs

Brian Gaines has added a winter fat ass run to last year's summer run. Both are free, 6-hour fun runs in the suburbs of Chicago (Bartlett, IL). I hope to run one, or both, this year. I missed the first summer run, but people that ran the event had only great things to say about it. There are web sites for both runs:

January 9, 2010
Windburn Six in the Stix

July 17, 2010
Sunburn Six in the Stix

Brian moved the summer run to July so it won't conflict with Howl at the Moon 8-Hour in August. In fact, now it'll be perfect preparation for Howl! Not to mention a nice relaxed run before the Canadian Death Race.

I've heard there is a long-standing winter Fat Ass in Mahomet, IL at the end of January too. This 28-mile "Riddle Run" has happened for the last 10 years and I've run them all. Hope the tradition continues on January 30, 2010. The race director has been non-committal.

Never heard the term "Fat Ass Run"? Here is some good information about this phenomenal idea started by Joe Oakes back in the late 1970s.


donna c said...

There has to be a Riddle Run!
Tell Jeff and his wife if it's a cupcake issue I guess I can do without (reluctantly).

: )

Kevin said...

There is a great FA 50 in McNabb, IL on Jan 10th. 15th year. Bob Rehn and his wife host. See for more info.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Donna-Riddle Run will may be a bit more low-key than in the past.

Kevin-Lots of friends have run the McNabb Fat Ass and say it's a great event. I don't want to be on roads for that long. Although one of these years I probably will do it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for the shout out on our Chicago-based FA runs. Looking forward to seeing you at both events :-).

For your blog followers, I didn't know about the McNabb FA run on Jan 10. Not looking to compete. I know people like committing to the same races each year.

If McNabb is the same weekend each year, then I will change our Windburn Six date to a different weekend that won't compete with Riddle and McNabb starting in 2011.

Also, we're trying to get a 50k+ FA set up in Palos Hills, IL this March. It won't conflict with the CL30 though. Website is almost complete, but details need to be worked out.

There are just too few events to overlap.

Chris Ⓥ said...

I assume the Palos Hills Fat Ass will be on trails? Isn't that were the defunct DeTonty Iron Fist 50K was run?

Kevin said...


We (5 or 6 of us from Western Suburbs) run at Palos about every weekend. Keep me informed about plans - maybe we can merge groups for a fun run before the snow gets too deep. Usual run is about 15 miles with breakfast at Matti's on Hwy 83 afterwords.
Kevin Cox

Heidi E. Carpenter said...

I run Palos on occasion, too, but always alone. I'll be at the Windburn Six on the Stix

donna c said...

Hooray for winter runs and fat asses! It makes the cold looonnnggg Illinois winters more bearable knowing there are other ultra crazies to run with in minus 11 weather.