Friday, November 13, 2009

Mizuno Wave Universe 3

I just tried out my new road racing flats, the Mizuno Wave Universe 3. They are super lightweight! I'm starting to get used to my "regular" running shoes (trail or road) being lightweight, but this shoe is insanely light...about 4 oz. It is one of the few racing flats I've found that has a wide toebox (like my old Mizuno Revolver). I ordered the same size I do for my other running shoes and it worked well for this one too. The fit is narrow around the heel, medium around the mid-section, and slightly wide in the forefoot. It has a grippy tread (for a road shoe) and almost no cushioning or support. It is the epitome of a minimalist racing shoe. The upper is lightweight mesh and airy. There is no built-up heel and the shoe sits really close to the ground. I think it's going to be a great shoe to supplement my Vibram FiveFingers and New Balance 790s. I've only run in the shoe once...on a treadmill...but they felt fast! Seriously fast. This could be my new all-time favorite shoe. Once I get a few more miles on them, I'll post a full review.

UPDATE on January 8, 2011: These shoes are still the only "racing flat" that actually seems flat!  They have a wide toebox, minimal cushioning, and little arch support.  Lightest shoe I've ever run in.  They have worked for roads, trails (not too technical or rocky), treadmill, and track runs. This is a FAST shoe.


GTI said...

I'm still surprised by how "fast" my racing flats feel that I finally bought earlier this year. Light-weight and minimal. I've been wearing them, maybe, once a week so far, but they are my favorite road shoes to run in.

Guess if I'm gonna keep heading toward minimal, I'm gonna have to buy another pair soon.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Yes indeed--they are sweet! Now you need to try some total barefoot and FiveFinger shoe running. Well, with the colder weather approaching, you can skip the actual barefoot stuff until spring. But if you ever see a pair of Vibram FiveFingers, try a pair might like 'em.

Heidi E. Carpenter said...

I have Kilkenny XC2 flats as well as Asics Dirt Divas with spikes (male version--Dirt Dogs). I think they can be found for $20 or less at various locations....haven't tried the Dirt Divas yet but I do like the Kilkennys.

- said...

I have over 600 miles on one pair of MWU3's. They are an excellent racing shoe, with more of a 4-5mm heel differential as opposed to the initially report of 9mm. With good form, you can get 1,000 miles on them. After a few hundred miles the EVA totally compresses and that's when it becomes a legit minimalist shoe.


Chris Ⓥ said...


I agree. The WU3 is turning into a great shoe. It compresses well and comes very close to being (or at least feeling) zero drop. Almost perfect for road runs and racing.

It doesn't protect you from rocks and roots on the trails, but otherwise, it's pretty awesome. I'm leaning toward using the new Merrell Trail Glove and NB Minimus Trail for tougher trails.

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