Friday, January 1, 2010

First Stupid Decision of 2010

Well, my first stupid decision of the year came quickly...I registered for the Canadian Death Race today. I was hoping the race would close before I logged on and made my way to their web site. I wasn't so lucky. My running buddy Gregg e-mailed me around 10am saying he was in...I was registered an hour later. Damn! I'll be heading to Grande Cache, Alberta in late July to run this crazy 125km race up and down the Canadian Rockies and across rivers. Where's Grande Cache you ask? Way the hell up north in the remote wilderness of Canada. About a 5-hour drive from Edmonton. And I thought Edmonton was in the middle of nowhere! Yikes. At least the small town embraces the whole race atmosphere. They even have a full-fledged Death Fest on race weekend. I have 210 days to train. Where are the mountains in central Illinois?

I hope to make more sane decisions the rest of 2010. Care to join Gregg and me at the Canadian Death Race?


Tom Rice said...

I may just go up there with you and hike the Canadian Rockies while you are dying.

Chris Ⓥ said...

You are welcome to come along. We'll grab Riddle too! I don't think they allow pacers, but crewing is encouraged.