Friday, April 9, 2010

McNaughton Park Volunteering

Over the last several years, I have always been a runner at Pekin's McNaughton Park trail races--sometimes the 50K (remember when they had that distance?), sometimes the 30 miler...but most often the 100 miler.  This year I am a volunteer.  I plan on being at the race start to chat with runners and see them head down that first hill, then I'll hoof over to Heaven's Gate (using the backwards short-cut route) and volunteer at that aid station all day Saturday and most of Saturday night.  The weather is supposed to be great and I look forward to helping out at this race that has brought me so much pleasure...and tons of pain too!  Good luck to all the runners.  I almost wish I was running the 100 miler again...the course is in good shape and the weather will be wonderful---not too hot and not too cold with NO RAIN.  Can I sign up on race morning...NOT.  As a volunteer, it'll be fun to see all the runners...hopefully a few from Clinton Lake that are trying for the full Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam. After McNaughton Park, you get the summer off and then only need to run Rock Cut Hobo and Farmdale in the fall.

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Unknown said...

sigh... I wish I were running it this year. It'll be nice for a change. Have fun at Heaven's Gate!