Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 2: The Trail

Day 2 of the Buffalo Trace 7-Day Stage Race again saw high humidity and heat.  It started out with overcast skies, but within a few miles, the sun started to come out.  By the time I finished my 25 miles, it was full-blown sun...with accompanying heat and humidity.  I was happy to be off the trails and done for the day.  Start at 5am, finish at 9:45am...not too bad for a long run in warm conditions.  I actually felt better today than yesterday.  I was a bit dehydrated, but overall, felt good.  I was surprised not to have residual soreness or fatigue in the legs after yesterday's 25-miler in even hotter weather.

Today, the trail was in excellent shape.  Apparently, while I slept, a trail faerie came and mowed a nice path in the middle of the entire 5-mile trail.  Thanks trail pixie!  It was like I had a personal path to follow.  I suppose others could run on it, but today, it was MY path. Follow the smooth green grass...loop after loop.  No thinking.  Me and the trail for 4 hours and 45 minutes.  Pretty soon I was done and heading home.  The trail has been in fairly good shape lately--no mud, little water, and reasonably well-groomed grass.  Today it was spectacular.  I wonder if that trail maintenance maestro can do his (or her) work again tonight. It would be cool to have an extra wide path for tomorrow morning's run.  I hope to get in a 15-miler before work.  I seem to be recovering well...wonder if I'm finally becoming the "aerobic monster" I've dreamed of for years.  Time will tell.  I'll update my aerobic monster status at the end of this week.  Can't wait, eh?

Day 2 Miles: 25 (100% of goal)
Week Total: 50 (100% on target)

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