Monday, July 19, 2010

Canadian Death Race Training

Well, I don't have much time left to train for the Canadian Death Race (12 days to go), but I figured I can shift my focus to hills in preparation for the Canadian Rockies.  Being from central Illinois, I don't have access to natural hills like the photo on the left, so I need to devise a more artificial plan.  Every day this week and next (until I depart), I am starting the day with a 1-hour fast walk on the treadmill set at the maximum incline.  It's pretty hard!  After the treadmill "hill walk," I'll go for a 3-mile run on gentling rolling local trails. For the morning treadmill incline and trail run, I'll alternate days of having a full running backpack (like for the real race) and no backpack. In the afternoons, I plan on short trail runs (~5 miles) in the trail shoes I'll use for the race (not minimalist)--but no pack. At the end of the afternoon runs, I plan on short (~1 mile) barefoot walks to stretch and strengthen the feet.  With only 12 days to go, and even less days for training, I have faith I can follow this more intense schedule.  The treadmill isn't a mountain, but at least I'll get acclimated to walking fast uphill for an hour at a time with no break.

After the Canadian Death Race, I have 2 weeks to recover and get ready for the 8-Hour Howl at the Moon race in Danville, IL!  At least the Howl race is close to home and familiar to me--this will be my 10th Howl at the Moon run.

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