Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Treadmill Versus Mt. Hamel

I'm still trying to sneak in whatever hill training I can get before the Canadian Death Race.  I have been doing maximum incline treadmill runs (OK, they are actually fast walks) each morning for one hour without break.  Will one hour on an inclined treadmill prepare me for Mount Hamel...or Flood Mountain...or Grande Mountain?  Probably not.  But, it's all I got!  At least I feel like I'm getting a good workout.  I am sweating like a mad man and I'm only going 3.5 miles per hour on a treadmill set at 15 incline.  Since most hills around central Illinois are less than 100 feet in elevation gain, I'm using the treadmill to simulate the climbs up the three summits I'll face at the Death Race.  I don't feel ready...but I feel better than if I simply ran around the local trails each day.  I need to start planning what I'll stash in the one drop bag and what I'll carry in my running backpack. I'm reading whatever race reports I find, plus a couple of articles in running magazines...and, of course, watching a few YouTube videos from the race.  Here are two very good race reports from last year:

Sean and Sascha's Adventures (August 3, 2009 blog post "Canadian Death Race...125kms of Gnarliness")

Monumental Effort (February 9, 2010 blog post "The Canadian Death Race 2009")

The two reports give you a nice sense of what this race is about--and they are motivating me to train harder.  I should have read these reports a couple of months ago.  Little late now.  In 2009 they had a drier, but warmer, year than usual. Often there are multiple stream crossing and mud bogs.  I look forward to finishing the race and writing my own race report.  Hope to have lots of pictures and even a digital video to share.


Anonymous said...

Having hiked those mountains I would assume you may have needed a little more than a treadmill run. How did you do?

Chris said...

I was pulled from the course after 40+ miles. The cut-off was incorrect (too early compared to what was announced). 20+ runners were pacing ourselves to make the announced time, but we all got pulled. That sucked!

It was beautiful terrain. I didn't like the race organization, but otherwise, a great area to hike or run!