Friday, November 5, 2010

Born to Run the Marathon?

Christopher McDougall, author of the awesome book Born to Run, had an interesting article in the New York Times yesterday.  With the NYC Marathon coming this weekend, this was a great featured article. I loved this part of the article that was an exchange between McDougall and Lieberman:

“I think mega-marathons pretty much epitomize everything that’s wrong with recreational running,” I recently e-mailed Dr. Lieberman, letting him know I’d decided to turn down an invitation to run this year’s New York City marathon with him.

His response was gentle and friendly, but boiled down to this: Get over yourself. What makes you so special that you can’t be part of “the world’s biggest peripatetic party,” as he put it. “Yeah, there is lots of commercialism, sponsors, hype — but to me these marathons are really more like festivals.”

Read the full article here:

"Born to Run the Marathon?"
by Christopher McDougall
NYT, Nov 4, 2010

Good luck to all the New York City Marathon participants!  And more locally, good luck to the Ozark Trail 100 mile runners this weekend.

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