Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Running Goals

I am ending 2010 healthy, happy, and injury free.  I didn't accomplish any of my 5 running goals for this year (see post here), but that's OK.  I'm in a good position to move forward into 2011.  Now I need some goals.  I like this image of a start and finish line being the same--just from different sides.  That's true of our running goals too.  We set them as a starting point to hopefully inspire us to run better.  The finish line is the completion of the goal.  The actual process of getting to the goal is the most meaningful aspect of the journey.  Anyone can set a goal.  Working hard to see it achieved is the hard part...and the most rewarding.  Once the goal is achieved, you'll bask in temporary glory, but looking back, you'll be most proud of the effort it took to get to that finish line...not crossing the line itself.  Here are my goals for 2011:

  • Run every day of 2011 (keep running streak alive)
  • Hit 50 miles at Howl at the Moon 8-Hour race
  • Finish an ultra-marathon in FiveFinger shoes
  • Set at least one new running personal record (PR)

Why these goals?  The first goal should keep me running consistently, but with due caution. I need to stay healthy and injury free to continue the running streak.  Nothing too crazy.  The second goal sets a nice performance standard that will be difficult, but not impossible, to reach.  It'll keep me motivated to do my long runs.  The third goal will continue my quest toward minimalism.  That means more and more running and walking completely barefoot. The final goal will hopefully get me to run shorter races and do speed work at the appropriate times.  I like the open-ended nature of "any PR distance" rather than stating a single race PR. In my mind, I think I can knock off several distance PRs, but my goal is to conquer "at least one" new PR. 

I hope 2011 (the "year of the rabbit") sees me hopping along the roads and trails fast and injury free.  Hope you achieve all of your running goals in 2011...of course, that means you need to SET some goals!  What are you waiting for?  Set at least one goal for the new year and start moving toward it.  One baby step at a time.  That's how all running goals are completed.  Good luck.  Have a great new year!


jar said...

I like your goals, specfic but rasonable and flexible....if I got it right you could meet 3 of your goals in one race??

Chris said...

Well, if I met the 50 miles at Howl goal, that would also be a PR for that race (8-hour time) and if I did it in FiveFinger shoes then I'd knock off another goal. Hadn't thought about that...I suppose that's my NEW GOAL--knock off 3 goals in ONE race! Maybe not.

janak said...

You and I have two common goals -
1. Keep Running Streak alive for 2011 and
2. Run one ultra (Howl) barefoot or close to that!

Though my yearly goals are modest - 1000 miles or more. Last year was 1206. For me it is a doable but still a difficult goal. 1500 would be impossible.

Chris said...

Be careful running Howl barefoot. With attention to foot placement, I think it could be done all barefoot. With sandals, you'd be able to alternate and finish the whole 8-hours. I plan on running Howl pretty hard, so barefoot won't be an option for me.

TC said...

Is there any other way to run Howl, I love that race. I really loved the breaking 19 in the 5k, I was kinda bummed that didn't make it on your list, since it was only 4 this year, I figured why didn't you put that for #5.
But really a PR, great goal, those you just don't forgot, it's a highlight to put those in the log book. It means you trained right for a section of your life.

On me:
1) Not doing 5k in forever, I did 2 this year, got it down to a 19:06, I kinda want that 18:??, so that's on the list this year.
2) 2500 miles (My best 2200's)
3) PR
4) Top 5 or 50 at Howl
5) Coaching at State Finals

It's nice to have them out, so I can focus on them more. thanks. for doing that last year.

Chris said...


Yep, I still want to break 19:00 for a 5K. That's the "PR" I have in mind...although it'll be pretty easy to PR for me in the 100 mile or 50 mile race distances.

Howl is the best! I like your top 5 or 50 miles at Howl goal.