Thursday, December 30, 2010

Running Minimally in Winter

It's tough getting outside to run when there is snow and ice everywhere...and the temperatures are well below freezing.  Harder to keep to the minimalist theme as well--some of those "barefoot shoes" (Vibram FiveFingers) don't keep your feet very warm.  Still, that darn treadmill isn't very nice either.  I ran across this great post at Birthday Shoes yesterday.  It's entitled "Winter Running with O'Neill Reactor Reef Boots."  Reef boots are designed for surfers to grip their boards, but still offer protection from coral and other sharp ocean objects.  They are usually made of neoprene with a thin rubber sole.  These booties are very flexible, grippy, and shield you from cold water.  Maybe these could work as minimalist running shoes in the cold snow and slush? Check out the link to find out...and there is a nice YouTube video to further explain how he runs in northern Minnesota!

Coming tomorrow, on New Year's Eve, my running goals for 2011.  Can't wait!  I better start thinking of some goals. 

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Berdine Ricks said...

I totally agree with you. This is shoes is great. My uncle sent me one. It's really awesome. In fact, I customized my own. I've added some cool designs and little colors. It's somewhat like a signature shoes. Check out the photos here.