Friday, December 24, 2010

Running Streak Hits 30 Days

OK, thirty days of continuous running may not seem that long...but for me it's a personal record of persistence.  I have my count-up ticker on the right side of this blog.  Today marked 30 days of running without missing a day. I hope to keep it going for a long time.  Maybe all of next year?  I don't have to run fast or run long, I just have to run each day (minimum is one mile of non-stop running each day).  If I can make it to March and warmer weather, I will have achieved my main goal--get through winter with consistent running.  Too often I take "bad weather days" off--that can be 3-4 days per week during winter in central Illinois!  I'll take it a step at a time, a day at a time, a week at a time...and now I've made it the equivalent of a full month...30 DAYS AND COUNTING! 

Consistency is the key to better running and racing.  What better way to be "consistent" than run every single day?  Care to join me?


ed said...

Barefoot Chris,

OK, you're putting it out there for all to see . . . like sending $$ in for a challenging race way ahead of time, you're now committed! I won't cut you any slack! Naw. Good Luck.

Chris said...

Hi Ed,
Not sure I'm committed to any particular race in least I don't have any adventure style Canadian Death Races planned. Lots of ultras on the schedule...and I'd like to keep this running streak going.

Joe Miller said...

Yo Chris! I'm heading over to run Clinton Lake on Wednesday morning, 12/29. Do you have time to join me?

Chris said...

I'm taking things day by day--mostly dependent on the weather. I am off from work on Wednesday so it's possible to do Clinton Lake.

janak said...
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janak said...

Thanks for suggest about Running Streak. After reading your posting and the web on Running Streak I started the streak. Today it is 15 days for me. 350 more days to go!