Monday, December 27, 2010

Test Run on 12-27-2010

Had a reasonable test run today.  I've kept my running streak going (today marked 33 consecutive days) and my consistency is starting to pay off with slightly better test run results. Here are my stats with a comparison to the last test run (and the baseline run stats are here):

3 miles @ 8:00 pace
Weight: 169  (+2)
Resting HR: 54  (-1)
Average HR: 143  (-3)
Peak HR: 152  (-3)
Recovery HR: 36  (0)
Beats/Mile: 1144  (-24)

Four improvements, one decline, and one no-change.  I'll take those numbers.  I haven't been doing these test runs each week as I had originally planned, but that's OK.  If I can get in about 2 test runs per month, that will be enough to track progress.

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