Sunday, January 16, 2011

Josh Cox Sets 50K American Record (Again)

Josh Cox ran the Arizona Rock & Roll Marathon today...won it in a time of 2:17...then continued on a certified road and track course to finish a a new American record time of 2:43:45.  South African Thompson Muguwana holds the 50K world record of 2:43:38 (set in 1988).  Josh wasn't far off that mark. A pretty good run!  Congratulations.  Who held the American record prior to today?  Josh Cox.  He set that old record (2:47:17) on the same course 2 years ago--see him crossing that finish line in the photo above.  My post about that run is available here.  Josh doesn't quite have the speed to compete at the highest level in the marathon, but he sure does have the speed for 50Ks.  I'd love to see him race a 50 mile or longer trail ultra marathon.  He ran one in his college days, but that was before he became a professional runner.

Here is a short USA Today news story about the event.

A few good training videos (some with Ryan Hall) are available on Josh's web site.  He and Ryan are supposedly working on a running book due out this year.

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