Wednesday, February 16, 2011

World Jog Coming to Illinois!

Tony Mangan, an Irish ultrarunner, is jogging around the world...and he'll be in east-central Illinois this weekend (and next week).  You can track his progress, get more information, and see why he's doing this adventure on the "World Jog" web site. He is scheduled to be in Danville, IL on Saturday, then he'll head west toward Champaign, Farmer City, and Heyworth.  I hope to run with him next week (Monday? Tuesday?) when he is cruising from Champaign toward Farmer City.  Heck, that distance is only about 23-26 miles...I could do the whole stretch!

What is Tony's overall plan?  He states "My world jog starts with the Dublin City Marathon on 25th October and continues to Dunquin (Co. Kerry), Newfoundland in Canada, USA, Mexico, South America, New Zealand, Australia, South-East Asia and China before returning home via Europe. 5 continents, over 40,000km, 3 years, 1 runner."  He is raising funds for "Aware" which is a charity trying to defeat depression.  Tony's fundraising site for Aware is here.  Consider donating to this great cause, maybe running with Tony, or putting him up for a night if you live on his route.  Looks like Kennekuk Road Runners and Second Wind Running Club have members supporting him through Danville to Farmer City...but he's got a long way to go and needs fellow runners to help him out.


jar said...

why does he have to use the word "jog", why not run...jogging is for people who run only for the health of it.....btw, got your NB trail minimus yet??...I'm running 2 out of 3 days in them....the trails are super muddy/icey/wet/slush...have fun Sat at KRR fat a.

Chris said...

He is "running" rather slow, maybe that's why it's a jog.

No NB Minimus shoes yet. Should arrive Monday.