Friday, March 18, 2011

No Meat Athlete

If you read this blog, you know I run.  You probably know I run marathons and ultra marathons too.  And I prefer to run in minimalist shoes.  But did you know I'm also vegetarian?  No meat for me. No beef, no chicken, no turkey, no fish, nothing that had a face.  I don't eat animals.  I won't get on my soap box and talk about the environmental consequences of animal consumption, the health concerns, or the ethical issues...I'm just stating a fact about my personal lifestyle.  I am a no meat athlete.  I run on plants.  Over the last few months, I found a "vegetarian running" web site called "No Meat Athlete."  Pretty cool.  The site has great information about exercising (mostly running) and diet.  It's not preachy, just practical stuff.  Matt Frazier, the site author, writes in a natural style that resonates with me.  He's also a darn good runner.  I encourage you to check it out.  Maybe changing your lifestyle or diet will make you a better runner.  Maybe you'll feel better.  Even if you are a paleo caveman meat eater, the posts on running are worthwhile reads.


Matt (No Meat Athlete) said...

Thanks, Chris! I agree with your philosophy of not being preachy about vegetarianism... I tend to think that harms more than it helps the cause. Then again, there are some who do it well, and I'm glad they're around.

Hey I just got a new minimalist shoe to try -- the Nada. Ever tried it? It feels like nothing, maybe like a slipper. Haven't run it in yet but will be soon.

Thanks again!

Chris said...


I've read reviews of the Nada, but not actually seen or worn the shoe. I wear the FiveFinger shoes, new Merrell Trail Glove and NB Minimus Trail, plus a couple of super light racing flats. Now that I mix in barefoot running, almost ALL shoes (even my 3.6 ounce Mizuno Wave Universe) feel clunky. Funny how your perspective changes.

Got your "Vegetarian Guide to Your First Marathon" program when you first released it. Good information. I knew most of it (I'm already vegetarian and have run over 70 marathons and ultras), but it was a good refresher and the interviews were excellent. Love my new tech shirt too. Keep up the great work.

janak said...

You know I grew up as 100% vegetarian and still maintain close to 100% except not as dogmatic or purist.
For information for others - where I grew up in India, nearly 90% of the population is 100% vegetarian.
Now some simple facts -
Unlike some websites informing one of soy (and more soy) for complete protein, I have news for you. There was no soy in our diets for nearly 2000 years! Our daily diet (dal and rice and some dairy) is a pretty good complete protein meal. Any type of beans (lentils, moong beans, garbanzo, dry peas, and many many more) with rice makes for complete meal. Nuts are an unaffordable luxury in most poor countries and they never were considered a significant source of protein.
It is really not complicated - Just Rice and Beans and little bit of milk or yogurt.
Bon Appetit!

Chris said...

Yep, most of the world is vegetarian--out of necessity rather than choice. But it's healthy. Now if we can just get people to run barefoot! Again, wouldn't you think most of the world's people walk/run barefoot?

Anonymous said...

Not being mean, only being observant... the carrot's got a face. Are you not gonna eat that?
; ) Anne

Chris said...

I don't eat any carrots that have faces. :-)