Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Qualifying for Boston

Now that I'm back to regular running (had a great easy run in the dark this morning), I might as well make plans for the future...and that future includes running the Boston Marathon!  I should take it easy for a while, but that doesn't mean I can't dream.  I have a brother in New Hampshire that asked me about running his local marathon (Clarence DeMar in Keene, NH) this fall.  I'd like to run that marathon as a qualifier for Boston.  Clarence DeMar was one of the best marathoners of all time.  It would be nice to run fast on his old New Hampshire roads thinking about him.  The DeMar marathon is on September 25th...and the qualifying times for Boston change on September 24, 2011!  I would need to run 3:25:00 instead of 3:30:59.  That's a six minute change.  Doable, but not as easy.  If I can find a marathon in early September, I could run a 3:30:59 and qualify for 2012 Boston.  There is the Fox Valley Marathon on September 18 in St Charles, IL.  The Quad Cities Marathon is close by too, but is on September 25--one day too late for Boston 2012.  I think it's too hot in July and August to run a fast qualifying time...and I won't have my endurance, stamina, and speed back until later this summer.  Looks like it is Fox Valley if I want to run Boston in 2012.  Otherwise, I have a plethora of choices for 2013.  No rush for now.  Time to enjoy my long road back to fitness.

Let me know if you are aware of fast marathons in August or September (before Sept 25).  I need a reasonably flat course and cool weather.  


Kevin said...


If you decide to do the St. Charles marathon, let me know. The course runs right behind my house. Give me a shout if you want a place to stay.

Kevin Cox

David said...

Check out the Quebec marathon, taking place in late August. It's rolling but net downhill. Temperature is a crap shoot, but could be a good one if not too warm.

Chris said...

Thanks for the offer. I know Sept is a long time from now...but if I run well all spring and summer, I want a shot at a BQ time.

Quebec looks like an awesome place to run. Late August can be iffy for weather, but my wife would probably go along with me...a little more adventurous trip than St Charles, IL. I'm running the 8-hour Howl at the Moon race on August 13...wonder if I would be rested up and ready by August 28.